Project Scarlet

Dronology Scarlet is a product we fine tuned from years of research in agriculture drone spraying. Carrying payload of 16 liters, Scarlet can carry out agriculture spraying much faster than humans can do. Made out of 3K carbon fiber and CNC aluminum, Scarlet’s robust construction allows it to be operated under harsh tropical sun and humidity.
Driven by 6 pairs of 30 inch carbon and composite propellers. Scarlet can lift payload of 16 liters and fly up to 18 minutes. Powered by 22000mAh 50 volt battery, Scarlet opens up wide opportunity for drone spraying.
Scarlet’s electronic is designed to be a workhorse. Fitted with state of the art flight controller with triple redundant inertial measurement unit, processor, barometer and various other sensor, allows Scarlet to be operated all day long with sufficient battery. Scarlet has temperature controlled circuit board, allowing reliable operation even with harsh heat of tropical climate. Fitted with millimeter wave radar for precise low altitude flying, Dronology Scarlet can fly on precise altitude of ground.
Backed with joint research conducted with Selama Research Center, Scarlet’s spraying module is designed ground up with efficacy in mind. Scarlet spraying module is equipped with high pressure IP rated pump and flow rate meter, allows precise amount of Agricultural Input to be sprayed over paddy field. Scarlet has 8 output nozzle, and effective swath of 6 meter.
Dronology Scarlet is currently in active deployment in Kelantan for paddy plantations.