Research & Development

Here in Dronology, we back our product and services with quality and research data. This has kept us above ordinary from the rest of the players. In house design and development team, constantly work with end user in improving reliability and ease of use. 


Design & Testing

Our engineers spend hours in developing and testing our UAV before it leaves our manufacturing facility. In the world of UAV, “Efficiency” plays a big roles in determining endurance, cost and longevity of the aircraft. Our engineers runs through computer simulator to come up with the most efficient design for the client. The expertise of our engineering team in aerodynamics and carbon fibre technology have enabled us to take advantage for quick design to hardware time-frame. During development stage, our team works closely with client to ensure integration with their current workflow will be seamless. Our UAV are exposed to harsh and rigorous testing. This includes 

  • Heat and Humidity TestEach individual UAV that leaves our manufacturing facility are subjected to this test. The UAV are subjected to 55° Celsius and high humidity for a set time. This has enabled our drones to be operated reliably in a tropical environment.
  • Avionics Our "electronics" are designed with multiple fail-safe protection. This includes triple power redundancy and triple IMU, this is to ensure reliable operation in harsh condition. Our circuit board is also coated with water resistant layer.
  • Strict Assembly Process Each UAV is assembled by 1 dedicated engineer. This enables the engineer to concentrate to one aircraft at a time. Each components involved in assembly are QR tagged, this is to ensure all the parts are assembled correctly. Once assembly is completed, our QC engineer takes over the UAV, where he will subject the UAV for the above tests.

In House Circuit Development

We build electronics for our aircraft in house. This dedicated design ensures high quality and enables operations in demanding environments

Safe & Secure

We take drone data security serious. Drone’s assembly is done in our facility with strict quality control, and able to meet various Government agency standards. 

Integrated Solution

Our hardware design is integrated seamlessly to our software. From mapping to agriculture spraying, Dronology’s solution are integrated with clients current workflow. 

Reliable Support

We stand by the quality of our product and services. We offer 1 to 1 exchange for manufacturing defect or fly aways.