VTOL UAS designed for quick surveillance deployment


Dronology Maya VTOL is designed for various industrial application with quick assembly design. It features high aerodynamic efficiency design with 2.2m wingspan and 1.2m fuselage. Made from Hard EPO foam and reinforced by carbon tubes, the airframe is durable and portable, weighing only 1.3kg.

Maya adopts “4+1” motor design that includes 4 VTOL motors and 1 fixed-wing motor, removes the need for runway for takeoff. Maya can carry payloads of up to 1.1kg. Dronology has a wide range of EO suitable for Maya.

Maya can withstand 5.5m/s-7.9m/s(12.5mph-17.5mph) wind, making it possible to perform aerial task in various wind condition.

Maya adopts quick-assemble design, which allows you to assemble it easily without any tools.

Use Cases

  • IRS: (Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance)
  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Jamming
  • Radio link range extension and retransmission
  • Mapping and intelligence
  • R&D flying laboratory (meteorology, hydrology etc.)
  • Thermal surveillance and monitoring
  • SAR surveillance and monitoring
  • LIDAR surveillance and monitoring


Parameter Value
Max Take Off Weight (MTOW) 7kg
Max cruising speed 18m/s to 20m/s
Endurance 2 hours
Stall speed 14m/s
Wingspan 2.2 meter
Fuselage length 1.2 meter
Motor 1500 watt BLDC motor
Power 6S 25000 mAh Lithium Battery