Designed for long endurance flights in conditions of high turbulence and overload.

ALBATROSS is based on Pipistrel Sinus Aircraft

The reinforced fuselage and chassis are designed for tough landing on unpaved airfields and prepared sites. The UAV can serve as a platform for a payload of up to 200 kg and has an operating time of up to 24 hours, depending on the altitude and operating conditions.

Use Cases

  • IRS: (Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance)
  • Video surveillance and monitoring
  • Payload dropping (up to 100 kg)
  • Payload delivery and autonomous transporting
  • Jamming
  • Radio link range extension and retransmission
  • Target pointing and designation
  • Mapping and intelligence
  • R&D flying laboratory (meteorology, hydrology etc.)
  • Thermal surveillance and monitoring
  • SAR surveillance and monitoring
  • LIDAR surveillance and monitoring


Parameter Value
Max Take Off Weight (MTOW) 550 kg
Max cruising speed 200 km/h
Max speed 218 km/h
Endurance 24 hours
Stall speed 65 km/h
Takeoff run distance – 0 m/s wind 450 m
Landing run distance – 0 m/s wind 600 m
Wingspan 15 m
Fuselage length 6.5 m
Fuselage height 1.82 m
Engine Rotax 912iS
Engine power 100 HP
Fuel consumption, cruising speed 12.1 l/h